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 IJean Cattant was born in Paris in 1918.  

After studies stopped by the mobilization for the second world war, he only undertakes his formation with the sculpture while in parallel following the courses of La Grande Chaumière, where taught then Zadkine

After having been an expert of several sculptors, he begins a personal career, while collaborating with architects in charge of rebuilding by the Service of the Historic Buildings.

Jean Cattant works wood, the stone, the copper which it hammers, pushes back and welds to carry out large figures.He takes part since 1945 regularly, with the exposures of group and the wellknown Exhibitions  (Jeune sculpture, Salon d'Automne, Art Sacré...) 

He  carries out  very important works,   the such   Monument of the Unloading with SAINT LAURENT sur Mer   (1959), as well as sculptures and the installations carried out within the framework of "school percent ": Bobigny, Palaiseau ect... 

In 1966 the sculptor is the guest of the international exhibition of sculpture of the MuséeRodin (32 countries represented), where its works appear in with dimensions of works of Zadkine

In 1965 Jean Cattant receives the Great Price of sculpture of the Town of Paris for a group, the Three Mysterious Travellers, a work acquired at once by the city. 

In 1971 he carries out for the prefecture of Essonne            " L'Au-delà" ,a great sculpture  of copper installed in front of the  Evry   building 

He takes part in the exhibition"100 small bronzes " (Athénes and Paris)

In 1986, Jean Cattant works with Lyautey, government order for the Grand Louvre, while several of its works are presented to theInternational exhibition of contemporary sculpture of the castle of Collioure.

" works of Jean Cattant are characterized by a very personal processing of the human figure - to which there remains faithful all while schematizing it to some essential lines, stylization which enables him to reach the emotion by very simple means. " 

 Cecile Goldschneider 
member of the Institute 
Conservative as a Chief of the National Museums 

Jean Cattant was born in Paris in 1918. 


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Jean Cattant